Live Scan FAQ's

Q: What do I need to bring?
A: Here's a list of what you'll need:
  • A Request for Live Scan Fingerprinting Services Form - this form is provided to you by the requesting agency along with any instructions, and is filled out by you and the requesting agency. You will need three (3) completed copies of this form.
  • A VALID (non-expired) government-issued photo ID (e.g. DMV Driver's License or ID, Passport, Military ID Card, Alien Registration Card/Green Card Photo ID Card). Please Note: Expired ID’s cannot be accepted.
  • Fees for Live Scan service.
Q: What will my Live Scan Service cost?
A: The Prices vary by the level of service:
  • Rolling Fee – Cash: $20.00 (Additional $2 if using Credit/Debit card.)
  • Resubmission Fee - $0
  • In addition to the rolling fee, Live Scan Fingerprinting fees vary per the Requesting Agency, Government entity and/or other level of service requested. At the top of your “Request for Live Scan Service” form issued to you by your employer or referring agency, there is an ORI Code. The ORI Code will determine the level(s) of service you will require for your license or position. Please contact us today for a quote!
Q: What forms of payment are accepted?
A: We accept cash, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, Money Orders, Cashiers Checks and Corporate or Business Checks. Please note: that if you are providing a corporate or business check, the check must be issued from the agency that is listed on the Live Scan form and must also be the agency that is requesting your Live Scan.

Q: Do I need to make an appointment or can I just come in?
A: Walk-ins are welcome and although appointments are not required, we do recommend that you call ahead or schedule an appointment to save you time and ensure that our technicians are available to assist you. As a walk-in customer you will be helped on a first come first serve basis. Customers with an appointment that arrive in a timely fashion will have priority over walk-in customers.

Q: How can I check on my fingerprint results?
A: Please allow a minimum of seven days before making a status inquiry. First check with the agency that requested the background check since the Department of Justice sends results directly to the applicant agency.

If after seven days the requesting agency has still not received your results, you may call (916) 227-4557 to check on your submission. This is an automated telephone system and you will need the following information:
• Your date of birth
• The 10-digit Automated Transaction Identifier number (ATI#) that appears at the bottom of your form

Q: What if my fingerprints are rejected?
A: Fingerprints can be rejected for several reasons. The most common are characteristics
with the Applicant's fingerprints that make them difficult to capture. This would include
cuts, cracks, scars and calluses. If an Applicant's fingerprints are rejected on this
basis, the originating Live Scan agency must re-take the Applicant's fingerprints at no
additional cost.

Fingerprints may also be rejected if the BCII 8016 “Request for Fingerprinting Services”
form is incorrect, incomplete or improperly filled out. In this instance, fees would be
charged to the Applicant to provide them with repeated Live Scan service. It is important
that the Application for Live Scan form BCII 8016 is complete and accurate when
presented to the Live Scan technician for service. It is your responsibility.

In the unlikely event that your fingerprints are rejected because of error on the part of our
Live Scan technician, we will recapture and resubmit your information at no cost to

If you have any other questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us!